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Helpful Medical Tips:

As we come to the end of this guide, we hope that your eyes have been opened to the exciting world of Health and Wellness opportunities available for you in Jordan.

Below are some final tips that will lead to a safer and more pleasant medical trip:

  • Do your research when choosing a medical provider.
  • Bring a companion.
  • Travel comfortably after surgery.
  • Give yourself extra time.
  • Keep your medical records in your purse or hand luggage.
  • Get as much information about the medical procedure process as possible such as:

  1. How much will the surgery or treatment cost?
  2. Who will pick you up at the airport?
  3. Who will be your main contact at the hospital or clinic?
  4. How many appointments you will need?
  5. How long you will be in the hospital?
  6. How will you get from the hospital to your hotel?
  7. How long is the post procedure recovery period?
  8. Ask for a detailed schedule of tests and appointments etc…

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