Mission, Vision & Objectives:


PHA Mission:

Contribute in improving the health of community and individuals through supporting members to provide safe, integrated, distinguished health care services and globally competitive.

PHA Vision:

To assist members in providing integrated high quality health care services to their patients and building the hospitals’ capacity to become globally competitive.


  • Equality and Justice

  • Ambition and Excellence

  • Credibility

  • Team Spirit

  • Transparency

  • Communicate

PHA Objectives:

1. Enhance the quality and safety of hospitals' services provided to patients.

2. Improve the financial efficiency of member hospitals.

3. Improve the services provided by the association for the members through improving the financial resources and by increasing the number of staff. Operations, human and physical resources of PHA and its capacity to provide services for its members.

4. Contribute in the preparation of government's regulations and policies to be more adequate to the needs of the PHA Members.

5. Increase the hospitals and medical centers capabilities to become competitive internationally.

6. Improve the image, role and participation of the PHA and its members in the community.

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