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PHA Chairman Participates in the Jordanian-Cypriot Business Forum in Amman
PHA Chairman Participates in the Jordanian-Cypriot Business Forum in Amman

PHA Chairman Dr. Fawzi LA-Hammouri, participated in the The Jordanian-Cypriot Business Forum that was held in Amman on May 7th 2017. Organized by the Jordan Chamber of Commerce the one day seminar aims at boosting trade and investment cooperation between private sector institutions from both countries.

Dr. AL-Hammouri delivered a presentation entitled “Health Investments in Jordan” in which he gave details about the health sector investment environment in the Kingdom; 60% of the Jordan’s hospitals are in the private sector amounting to 67 hospitals in addition to three new hospitals that are under construction. The total investment in the health sector in Jordan exceeds 3 billion JD, employing over 35 thousand individuals mostly are Jordanians (95%). Jordanian law allows for foreign investments in the kingdom in the health sector. Moreover, Jordanian pharmaceutical industry represented by 23 companies, has succeeded in penetrating 75 foreign markets in Europe and the US,

Al-Hammouri added that Jordanian medical sector is prided in the region due to its highly qualified doctors and medical staff in addition to the advanced technology available.   It has maintained its strength in recent years despite the instability in the region as over 250 thousand patients seek treatment in Jordan annually.

Al-Hammouri also mentioned that Jordan has excelled as a Medical Tourism destination due to the fact that it offers high-quality care at very competitive prices. Jordanian hospitals are equipped with state of the art technology devices which has reduced waiting time to a minimal, so patients receive quick efficient treatment. Moreover, a major attraction to Jordan as medical tourism destination is the adoption of quality standards as 25 of private hospitals are accredited either by JCI / HCAC or both. A major part that contributed to Jordan’s pristine status as a premium medical destination is the safe and welcoming society and environment and Jordan’s respectable bilateral ties with the world, in addition to hosting the world’s largest spa– the Dead Sea, and a large collection of religious and touristic attractions.

The Private hospital Association is keen on participating and representing Jordan in many trade fairs, exhibitions and seminars regionally and internationally to promote the Medical tourism and highlight Jordan role as a target destination and build bilateral collaborative agreements in this regard.